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I love the team at Go Hosting! They are so friendly, helpful and professional all at once. They respond quickly to emails and explain technical things in simple to understand language. Everything goes quickly and smoothly. And the quality of the product is great as well, very reliable hosting that hasn't crashed or caused my business problems in the 2 years I've been using them. I would highly recommend Go Hosting to other business owners.

Alisha Young GENECIGS

About Us

  GoHosting was started by Alan Dawe and Stephen Hampson in 2003 with the goal of becoming a leader in web hosting Australia-wide. Each with over 15 years experience in the industry, before starting GoHosting they were employees of one of Canberra's largest ISPs. When it passed into the hands of new owners they saw first hand what happens when a company loses focus on what is most important: the needs of the customer. They saw extended website downtime and recovery of lost emails become the dominant part of the service. It was then they established GoHosting, aiming to provide web hosting services in the most secure environment possible for your internet activities.

Alan and Stephen have put together a team dedicated to providing state of the art technical solutions and the most flexible and appropriate web hosting solutions available. A Canberra web hosting company, in 5 years the client list has built impressively with corporate web hosting, small business web hosting, as well as clubs, associations and government departments – each placing their trust in GoHosting’s high performance web hosting solutions.

GoHosting aims to put you in control of the key aspects of your web activities. Whether it’s managing your email accounts, having web statistics available whenever you want them, changing your DNS records – whatever your needs! GoHosting provides the best in web hosting, server hosting, application hosting and email hosting, with full technical support. It won’t take you much research to discover that prices are competitive – and with our tailored solutions you will discover that you are never paying for something you don’t need. Our plans are as manageable and flexible as possible.

Reliability of service is coupled with reliability of hardware. GoHosting uses the highest quality hardware available, with Dell servers and Cisco networking equipment. Our service partnerships include Plesk, cPanel, Dell, Soul, Agile, TransACT, Microsoft and more. This gives you 24/7 service as well as an maximum uptime - and we’re always working on improving our service! GoHosting can provide the very best service for you.

Your internet presence is one of the most important tools in taking your activities to the market. For your web hosting needs GoHosting has a solid foundation of experience and a firm commitment to excellence of service. Make the GoHosting choice today.

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