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The importance of backups.

Posted 6 March 2012 by Alan Dawe

Do you backup your own website? Or do you expect that your host will back it up? Today we highlight the importance of taking your own backups of your websites / databases or anything else you may have hosted on a regular basis.


GoHosting does backup each and every website every day, and we do take a lot of security precautions to prevent unauthorised access to the GoHosting network, and have a lot of other safeguards in place to protect your data.


Unfortunately the reality is no matter how hard we try to protect your data and how many precautionary measures and safeguards we put in place, there is always a tiny chance that something could go terribly wrong. You should protect yourself against this small chance of failure. We do our best to protect your data and will recover as soon as possible after a failure, however on the even smaller chance that we can’t recover, having a weekly copy of your site, means that you will have a failsafe in place so you can still operate your business / website.


The fact is people rely on their web host, and while their webhost (like GoHosting) does everything it can to prevent outages / failures and security exploits there is a risk that one day something could happen that will result in a something like what happened to those poor 4800 website holders back in June last year when a reputable web host lost everything.


So basically while we do backup your sites each night, and we do everything we can to prevent any issues. Just to be on the safe side it is within your best interest to have a regular backup of your own site / mail.


You can take a full backup of your site from within your control panel.

If you require assistance, please be sure to email us at


There is no problem with the GoHosting network and we do have working backups stored on multiple locations including tape, this is purely a reminder to highlight the importance of protecting your own interests and a little effort now can help you be better prepared for any events of the future no matter how rare they may be.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.


All the best,

The GoHosting Team.




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