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I was told about GoHosting by a very high ranking dating industry directory who mentioned the importance of speed in the dating industry. I liked the fact that support and admin were in Australia and their prices were great. My site has been noticeably quicker since moving my site to GoHosting and the support my developer was given when migrating was second to none! 

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Why Web Statistics are important!

Posted 18 February 2011 by Alan Dawe

A good way to determine if your Website is achieving your goals is to refer to its web statistics. All GoHosting standard hosting packages come with free web statistics tools. These can be access under your control panel.

Your web statistics show not just how many hits you’re getting, but which pages are the most popular, who’s visiting your site, when do they visit, and other data that can give you a clear idea of what sort of traffic you are getting to your site.

It’s a good idea to monitor your web stats weekly or monthly, and give special consideration to the times when you have made content updates to your website. This can help to give you a better understanding of how people are finding your site and also what particular content changes affect your search engine rankings. Web statistics can also show you the keywords that visitors used to find your site, which can be very useful it optimising your content to how your visitors are searching for your particular product.

It can even help you to discover new markets and services to offer your customers and to tailor your business to potential customer demand. For example if you sell socks, and quite often you see people searching for “socks and jumpers” and finding your site, then perhaps you should be offering jumpers as part of your product line.

Another important part of your online sales strategy should be to have a professional company perform SEO (Search engine optimisation) on your website. For more information on SEO visit GoHosting’s Search Engine Optimisation page or check out our blog post on SEO and why it is important.

Again your web statistics are a perfect way to monitor the affect of your search engine optimisation.


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