FTP - Uploading your pages!

Posted 18 February 2011 by Alan Dawe

FTP – So you want to upload your Web Pages?

FTP Stands for File Transfer Protocol and is used to transfer files from your computer to your online web hosting account or your own dedicated server. FTP is a standard feature on all GoHosting Web Hosting accounts. There are a number of FTP programs available for you to use, some are easier to use than others, and some have different features like allowing you to resume file transfers or modify permissions on folders within your hosting account. Most Operating Systems like Windows or Linux / Unix systems have an inbuilt FTP program that you can use without installing any additional software. Some WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors like Microsoft Frontpage, Expressions Web, or Dreamweaver have their own inbuilt FTP program that uploads the site when you publish the site providing you have your settings correct. WYSIWYG is a very common practice in building websites.

Some popular FTP applications include:

WS_FTP - Not a free application, but works well. http://www.ipswitchft.com/index.asp
FileZilla – A Open Source (FREE) FTP Solution that works well also. http://filezilla-project.org/index.php
SmartFTP – Both Free and Paid versions, another good choice. http://www.smartftp.com/
CoffeeCup FTP – A Free full featured FTP application. You can purchase support from them if required: http://www.coffeecup.com/free-ftp/

Try a few different applications and eventually you will find one that you like.

The settings you will need to configure in your FTP Client to connect to GoHosting include your User Name, Your Password, A Host Name and sometimes a Web Directory or Home Directory.

Hostname: This is normally your domain name, or a GoHosting server that is usually defined in your Welcome Email.
Username: Your username is generally the same as your control panel login for cPanel users or a username you configured if you are a Plesk user.
Password: Your password is generally the same as your control panel login for cPanel users or a password you configured if you are a Plesk user.
Home Directory: This is usually the /public_html for cPanel users or the /htdocs directory for Plesk users.

If you have any trouble connecting to your GoHosting Web Hosting account, please contact GoHosting support and we will be able to assist you.


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