Uploading Files to cPanel

How to upload files using FTP

Firstly you will need to connect to your cPanel account using an FTP program. These instructions are for FileZilla, but you can adapt them for any other FTP program.

First open FileZilla. If this is the first time you have used FileZilla you will be presented with an options screen.  Click OK to continue.


In the address box fill in the address of your Web site as supplied in your Technical Details email, or based on the domain you have parked on the server.

  • Host: Enter the address of your Web site.
  • Login: Enter your cPanel username.
  • Password: Enter your cPanel password.
  • Click on the quickconnect button at the right of the address bar.
  • If you are unable to see your local window the click File then new local browser.

You should now be connected and have a view of the files on the server and on your local computer.

Double click on the folder public_html.  this is the folder that contains all your Web site files -

You can now upload files from your local computer to your Web space simply by dragging them from the local browser window to the public_html folder on your Web space, as indicated above.

Uploading files via cPanel:

You can also upload files to your Web site directly through cPanel's File manager.
Firstly log in to the cPanel Control Panel and scroll to Files.

Click File Manager.

Click on the folder icon next to public_html to browse to the public_html folder (which contains your Web site's files)

Now click on the Upload file(s) link.

Click on the first Browse button, and then find the file you want to upload from your computer and click OK.

Repeat for the other Browse links if you wish to upload other files to this directory. If you need to upload more then 3 files click the Add another upload Box to select more files.

Files will automatically start to upload once they have been selected..

Once the uploads are complete you will see confirmation they have been successful.   When you have finished using cPanel's file manager close the file manager window

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