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SME Gateway is a company that relies on its website and on e-mail to survive.   We have recently moved to GoHosting and couldn't be happier with their service, reliability and response times.   GoHosting have worked with us to meet our needs and have found efficient and effective ways of meeting our unique requirements.

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Domain Names


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New Domains: So you want to get your organization on the internet. The first thing you need to do is register a domain name. A domain name is a unique internet name for you organization. For example

To register a new domain, please click on Register Domain above. You will need to type in the domain name you would like to register and click "Lookup".   The system will then check if that domain name is available and if it is, will allow you to process the registration.

Domain Transfers:  If you have registered a domain with another provider and would like to transfer the domain registration to GoHosting to take advantage of our excellent customer service and competetive pricing, please click on Transfer Domain above.  You will need the AUTHCODE for the domain (also known as an EPP).