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As a business we’ve been active on the internet since 1993.  We’ve worked with many internet providers, IT support groups  and internet hosting companies. Based on our experience GoHosting is the most professional and friendliest company we’ve ever worked with.  We are extremely pleased with their high level of service, their integrity and prompt  support.  GoHosting have always gone out of their way to help us out every time we needed them. This is why we also recommend GoHosting to all our clients!

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Domain Name Service Levels

The following Service Levels apply to the registration of domain names through GoHosting Pty Ltd.

All .au domain name registrations must comply with .auDA policy which can be found at the .auDA website:

We endeveour to process all domain registrations within 24 hours of receiving an order.

Each order received will be checked for policy compliance and processed accordingly.

GoHosting staff are available 24 hours a day to process your requests, check for compliance and assist with any queries you may have.

The same service level applies for Domain Name Transfers and Domain Name Modifications such as updating contact information, name server records and domain password changes - Each will be processed within 24 hours assuming connectivity to the registry is available and .auDA policy is met for .au domains.

Domain Name Refunds

Generally GoHosting is unable to provide refunds on domain registrations, renewals and transfers once completed. Once we have paid the registration fee to the registry the transaction is complete and final. This applies for all domain names, including domain names registered in error and or with incorrect spelling.

If the order has not been passed the the registry GoHosting may choose to cancel and refund the order on a case by case basis.

.au domain names have a 3 day grace period, which means if a .au domain registration is cancelled within 3 days, a full refund for the domain registration will be issued by the registry, and will be returned to the customer via the same method used to pay GoHosting.





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