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I can thoroughly recommend the team at GoHosting for outstanding service and super reliable Web-serving.  They are also now the first place to head for domain registration. Having tried to provide a platform for web development myself, I understand the complexities of the infrastructure and relish the simplicity of having GoHosting deal with it!!  Reliable back-ups and “real people” at the other end of an email or a phone conversation make it such an easy choice. All the packages are competitive and nothing is ever too hard for them to help solve, or provide. Great local people with world savvy delivery of all the Web-based IT needs of my company. Thanks GoHosting...

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What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the art and science of optimising websites to better respond to search engine’s ranking and indexation criteria. SEO, an integral part of any online marketing campaign allows and enables businesses to improve their brand visibility and potential online reputation through simple and efficient presentation and technical optimisation. Whether it be reviewing the source code that underpins your online real estate, or the quality and layout of your business copy, a properly optimised website can not only improve your site’s visibility but also, by extension, increase the quality of inbound leads, reaffirm brand and business value and provide a sustainable marketing competitive advantage in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Why is SEO so important for an online business?

Online businesses operate within a flood of information. Internet users are faced with innumerable sources of information from which they can buy, research, review, browse and contact through – in order to get through these torrents of data, users search for their data. Truth be told, the first place of contact for internet users tends to be a search engine’s portal and unless a business can properly respond to a prospective client’s next step, the search, the business faces the risk of losing visibility and potential business.

However this is only the opening stages for any client, even after the search, the battle is still left for the potential consumer and future client: which site to choose out of the results? Should I, as a potential client, go through the second page of results to find my future supplier/partner/site of reference? And does that first site truly respond to my needs, to what I initially searched for?

As any user of Google, Yahoo and Bing may attest to, the quality of the search is now often left to the search engine, leaving the user with an expectation of trust over the search results.

So given this point, what can a first page or a first position ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing mean for your website and your business? Rhetorical questions aside, we here at GoHosting can offer your site, your business, a sustainable and reliable strategy to reach your business goals, to improve your website’s visibility and the potential for you and your business to gain: increased qualified leads, improved brand visibility and future leads conversions.

Sounds great, how do I go ahead?

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