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GoHosting’s Network

Unlike many other providers, GoHosting owns and operates its own Australian based network. The network is based in Canberra, ACT, Australia and is built on Enterprise CISCO, Watchguard and Dell networking and server systems.

GoHosting does not re-sell anyone else’s services; we do not lease servers from web hosting companies overseas and resell them. We like to be in control of our network and believe this gives us the best option for providing the secure, fast, reliable service we are proud of.

GoHosting is multi-homed across multiple providers, across multiple 100Mb links to the Internet, we have our own IP ranges and do our own routing and firewalling.

We monitor our own network using both, email and SMS. If there is any issue on our network we are notified within minutes, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Currently GoHosting is also peered with both ACT-IX ( and TransACT-IX, which allows us to provide super-fast and reliable services directly with other providers.

Every component in the GoHosting network (aside from cables, screws and some shelves) is under a maintenance contract with the manufacturer, which means our reliability is backed by the hardware manufacturer.

GoHosting also carries a large array of spare equipment and parts to allow us to respond to issues as fast as possible in accordance with our Disaster Recovery Plan.

Backups are taken of all websites we host in our shared environment on a daily basis, we also backup critical components of the network and backup all customer data (with the exception of dedicated / colocation servers that have not requested backups) . All our backups are put onto tape weekly and stored offsite in our Fireproof Safe.

All of GoHosting's servers are current model enterprise Dell servers and are routinely checked for issues and upgrade requirements.

If you require more information on the GoHosting network, please email us at

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