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I can thoroughly recommend the team at GoHosting for outstanding service and super reliable Web-serving.  They are also now the first place to head for domain registration. Having tried to provide a platform for web development myself, I understand the complexities of the infrastructure and relish the simplicity of having GoHosting deal with it!!  Reliable back-ups and “real people” at the other end of an email or a phone conversation make it such an easy choice. All the packages are competitive and nothing is ever too hard for them to help solve, or provide. Great local people with world savvy delivery of all the Web-based IT needs of my company. Thanks GoHosting...

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Network Status

GoHosting Network status page is hosted externally to our network. Please be sure to add to your favourites to check for network issues.

Please click on the bar below to be taken to the GoHosting Network Status Page.

Check Status

Please Note: The link will open a new browser window.

It is a good idea to check this page if you are having problems accessing your website, as if there is an issue with the operation of any part of our network this page will be updated.

We monitor our network, and usually know that there is a problem before anyone else does. As soon as there is a problem our techs are put into overdrive to resolve all the issues as quickly as possible.

So spare a thought for the technical support operator fielding all the calls when there is a problem and check this page first, this helps keep the support queues low and the stress levels low for everyone involved.