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All about GoHosting

At GoHosting Australia, we back Aussie businesses and entrepreneurs to get online, and bring their magic to the world.

Whether you’re after the perfect domain, your own space on the net, or the tools to empower your team; let us take care of the boring bits, so you can keep kicking goals.

Feel in control of your online presence

We offer high powered, fully Australian web, server, and email hosting, with support the moment that you need it. You manage your digital image as you see fit, we’ll make sure you’re set up in the most secure environment possible.

GoHosting Team

Our team is dedicated to making sure solutions work for you. We’re passionate about providing best in class technical capabilities, while ensuring you get the most appropriate service for your needs.

The GoHosting crew just so happen to be awesome people too! If you’re ever in doubt about anything hosting related, get in touch with one of our local staff and they’ll give you all the time you need.

The Nerdy Bits

Behind the scenes, GoHosting uses the highest quality available to ensure 24/7 service and maximum uptime. All data we host is stored in the best rated data centres, which have a UTI Tier IV certification.

Our systems are powered by a range of hardware solutions; from Dell servers and Cisco networking equipment, through to our latest AMD Ryzen processors intended to maximise single threaded performance.

To ensure we stay in the know and provide the best service available, we have strong service partnerships with organisations that improve our offerings. The service partnerships include Plesk, cPanel, Dell, Vocus, Exetel, Internode, TransACT, Microsoft and more.

GoHosting Origin Story

Alan Dawe and Stephen Hampson started GoHosting in 2003 after previously being employed by a large Australian ISP.

What became apparent to Alan and Steve early in their journey was that they really enjoyed learning and understanding a customer’s situation and having genuine human connection with that customer. This relationship let them deliver solutions that have a legitimate impact on that person’s life and their business. Nothing was more satisfying than hearing the thanks of a customer who they’d made a difference to.

That same spirit and desire which Alan and Steve originally had is the foundation of what GoHosting represents today. It is woven through our DNA and influences every decision we make. From the people we recruit, the products we bring to market, and the culture we foster; the core focus is, and always will be, you.

With over 30 years combined prior industry experience, our cofounders had the required technical knowledge, and understanding of what was needed to build a great team with the right priorities. To prove how well they’ve done, get in touch with one of our staff and we’re confident you’ll have a great experience!

.auDA Accredited Registrar

GoHosting is an auDA-accredited domain name registrar. In addition to our great customer service and our high performance Australian network, we offer web hosting, email, Office365, SSL certificates and even onsite IT support.

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DELL EMC Authorised Partner

GoHosting has been using Dell hardware in its network since 2003. With our strategic partnerships we can provide the best possible service to our client base.

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